MMDVM Multimode Digital Voice Modem

I finished the enclosure for the mmdvm by 3d printing, and did the final assembly.

I`ll create a step-by-step how-to soon on my mmdvm project page

DV-Mega for the pi

PI Zero

The base software is maintained and created by G4KLX

The software driving the Nextion Display is done by ON7LDS

I`ll probably dive into the code later this year … but it`s amazing as-is so far.




QSL card

The first QSL card …


If you want to see the it in vectors download qsl-card-2018.svg
Stef on5ya advised my to order qsl cards from so i did Winking

Mac Ham software

Finally had the time to install my brand new Icom 7300 and prepped it for my mac

bought MacLoggerDX
installed fldigi and wsjtx
ordered a Dymo … for printing QSL reports/confirmations